Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Out of Broken Heart

 Out of Broken Heart1

Jenny Lind, the famous2 Swedish nightingale3 was considered4 one of the greatest5 popular singers of her day.
 Her music teacher once said, “Jenny, you've got everything to make you the world's greatest singer, but one thing6!”
 “What in the world is that?” she asked. “I practice all day long and you say I have tremendous range7, versatility8 and talent! What haven't I got?”
 “To make you a truly9 great singer,” he replied, “you have to have a broken heart!”
And so it happened10 that this man broke her heart! She fell in love with him and he jilted11 her.
Then she began to sing from her heart! The songs she sang became her own12--songs of loneliness13 and tears--not just a collection of words and music--but it was her own  heart cry14!

1.     out of broken heart – от разбитого сердца
2.     famous – известная
3.     nightingale – соловей
4.     was considered – считалась
5.     greatest – наивеличайшей
6.     you've got everything to make you the world's greatest singer, but one thing – у тебя есть, все, чтобы стать самой великой мировой певицей, но одного тебе не хватает
7.     tremendous range – широкий диапазон (голоса)
8.     versatility – гибкость (подвижность голоса)
9.     truly – по настоящему
10.                        so it happened – так уж случилось
11.                        jilted  – бросил (в любовных отношениях)
12.                        own - собственный
13.                        loneliness - одиночество
14.                        cry – плачь

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Hole In The Fence

The Hole1 In The Fence2

There was a father who took his boy on his knee3 and told him the story of the lost4 sheep5. The sheep found6 a hole in the fence and crawled7 through8; how glad9 it was to get away10; it skipped11 and played in the sunshine until12 it went so far that it could not find it's way back home. And then he told him of the wolf13 that chased14 the sheep, and how, finally the good shepherd15 came and rescued16 it and carried17 it back to the fold18.
          The little boy was very interested and when the story was over19, he surprised his father by asking, "Did they fix20 the hole in the fence?"
Next time you teach your child to obey21, make sure22 you fix your  “hole in the fence” first.

1.     hole – дырка
2.     fence – забор
3.     knees – колени
4.     lost – потерянный, заблудившийся
5.     sheep – овца
6.     found – нашел
7.     crawled – пролез
8.     through – через
9.     glad – довольный, радостный
10.                        get away – убежать
11.                        skipped – скакал
12.                        until – до тех пор пока
13.                        wolf – волк
14.                        chased – преследовал
15.                        shepherd – пастух
16.                        rescued – спас
17.                        carried – принес
18.                        fold – загон для овец
19.                        the story was over – история закончилась
20.                        fix – починить, отремонтировать
21.                        obey – слушаться
22.                        make sure – удостоверится

A little tip: In English word "they" is often used when speaking about something in general. For example: "Time is money", as they say. (Как говорится: "Время деньги")

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings 1

One father was complaining2 to another3 about how much money he had to spend4 on his son. It was costing5 a lot to buy clothes, books, carfare6, lunch, etc7.
          The other father remarked, "My son does not cost me a dollar. I wish9 I could spend something on him."
          "Why doesn't your son cost you?"
          "Because," replied the second father, "he died a few months ago10."

1.     count your blessings – посчитайте свои благословения (будьте благодарными за все хорошее)
2.     complaining – жаловался
3.     another – другому
4.     had to spend – приходилось тратить
5.     it was costing – стоило дорого
6.     carfare – проезд
7.     etc – итд (и так далее)
8.     remarked – высказался
9.     wish – желать, хотеть
10.                        ago – тому назад

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Out of Love

Out of Love1.

A rich man died and left no heirs2. When his household goods3 were auctioned off4, an elderly5 lady dressed in shabby6 clothes was the only one to bid7 on the picture of the dead man's son. The wealthy8 father greatly cherished9 this portrait because his only child10 had died at an early age11. But the crowd12 that had gathered13 for the sale14 showed no interest in it15. When the woman who bought16 the portrait was asked why she wanted it, she said she had been the boy's nurse17 many years before, and had loved him dearly18.
          Later she noticed19 a bulge20 in the heavy paper on the back. Making a small cut21, she discovered22 an envelope23  which24 turned out25 to be the man's will26. The document very clearly27stated28 that he wanted to leave his property29 to the person who still held dear30 the memory31 of his beloved32 son.

1.     out of  love – из-за любви
2.     left no heirs – не оставив наследников
3.     household goods домашняя утварь
4.     auctioned off – проданы с аукциона
5.     elderly – пожилая
6.     shabby – потертый, старый
7.     to bid – делать ставки
8.     wealthy – богатый, состоятельный
9.     greatly cherished – очень берег
10.                        his only child – его единственный сын
11.                        at an early age – в раннем возрасте
12.                        crowd – толпа
13.                        gathered – собралась
14.                        sale – распродажа
15.                        showed no interest in it – не проявляла никакого интереса
16.                        bought (to buy) – купила
17.                        nurse – (здесь:) кормилица; медсестра
18.                        loved him dearly – очень любила его
19.                        noticed(to notice) – заметила
20.                        bulge – выпуклость
21.                        small cut – маленький надрез
22.                        discovered( to discover) – обнаружила
23.                        envelope – конверт
24.                         which – который
25.                        turned out – оказался
26.                         will – завещание
27.                        clearly – ясно
28.                        stated(to state) – указанно, заявлено
29.                        property – имущество
30.                        still held dear – все еще берег
31.                        memory – память
32.                        beloved – возлюбленный

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Speak The Truth! But Do It Wisely.

Speak the truth1! But do it wisely2.

Long time ago3 there was a great4 king5. One night the king dreamed6 that all his teeth7 had fallen out8. Immediately9 he sent for one of his soothsayers10 to interpret11 the meaning of the dream. With a sad face and mournful12 voice13, the soothsayer told the monarch14 that the dream meant that all his relatives15 would die16 and that he would be left alone17. This made the king upset18 and he drove the servant from his presence19.
          Another was called20 and the king told him of the dream. This wise man smiled, and replied, "Rejoice21, O King; the dream means that you will live yet many years22. In fact23 you will outlive24 all your relatives." This pleased the king25 very much, and in his joy26 he gave this soothsayer a rich reward27.
The moral of the story is that the two soothsayers had said, the same thing28, but the second29 man did it right30

1.     truth – истина, правда
2.     wisely (wise) – с мудростью, с умом
3.     long time ago – много времени тому назад, давным давно
4.     great – великий
5.     king – король
6.     dreamed (to dream) – приснилось
7.     teeth – зубы
8.     fallen out (to fall out) - выпали
9.     immediately –  немедленно
10.                        soothsayer – предсказатель
11.                        interpret – толковать
12.                        mournful -  мрачный, траурный
13.                         voice –  голос
14.                        monarch – монарх
15.                        relatives – родственники
16.                        die –  умирать
17.                        left alone –  останется один
18.                        upset – злой
19.                        drove the servant from his presence  - выгнал слугу прочь
20.                        another was called – позвали другого
21.                        rejoice –  возрадуйся
22.                        you will live yet many years –  ты проживешь еще много лет
23.                        in fact –  в сущности
24.                        outlive –  переживешь
25.                        this pleased the king – это понравилось королю
26.                        in his joy – на радостях
27.                        rich reward – щедрую награду
28.                        same thing – то же самое
29.                        second –  второй
30.                        right – правильно

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